Irfaz Coco-Zeal Natural Coconut Charcoal

Irfaz Coco-Zeal Natural Coconut Charcoal

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We present to you our ‘All Natural Charcoal Tablets’ with key features such as Convenience, Instant, and 100% Natural. Guaranteeing you the best smoking experience. Irfaz Coco-Zeal are natural Charcoal tablets with no added chemicals. Less on odour and more eco-friendly, hence giving you double the satisfaction while enjoying your shisha.

Irfaz Coco-Zeal Natural Charcoal brings a fresh spark to the world of hookah smoking and fuels your experience with energy and enthusiasm!

• 100% Natural Charcoal
• Low – ash Technology
• Suitable for any bowl
• Available Sizes Cube & Flat