How to make a Hookah:

Hookah Set with Titles

Instructions to set up a Hookah:

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1) Fill the glass base with water until it is half full such that the bottom of the stem is submerged about an inch and a half in water.

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2) Place the large rubber base grommet on the bottom of the metal stem and then insert the metal stem into the glass base. Rotate it while inserting it so that it fits snugly.

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3) Place the charcoal tray atop the metal hookah stem.

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4) Place the rubber bowl grommet (the larger of the two rubber grommets) atop the metal hookah stem. Next, place the ceramic tobacco bowl on top of the grommet. Make sure there is no scope for air to pass. Also take extra care to not push the bowl onto the stem too hard, since that may cause the bowl to split in two pieces.

5) Introduce the hose grommet (the smaller grommet) into the hose port of the metal hookah stem. Next, insert the wooden end of the hose into the rubber hose grommet snugly ensuring it’s airtight.

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6) Sprinkle some hookah tobacco into the clay bowl, making sure to not over fill the bowl. Over-packing the bowl will not allow good airflow through the tobacco. It is advisable to maintain a little airspace between the top of the tobacco and the underside of the foil. (Not more than quarter of an inch.)

7) Keep the tobacco in the clay bowl covered with a piece of aluminum foil, shiny side up. Poke holes into the foil with a toothpick, fork or any pointed object.

8) Poke holes in a pattern that will fit the size of the charcoal that you’re using. Poking too many holes will cause fresh and unheated air to combine with the hookah smoke, resulting in a less thick smoke.

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9) Light up the charcoal: There are two types of charcoals available:

a. Quick-lighting charcoals: These are fairly quick to light. Use pincers to secure a piece of charcoal before igniting it with a lighter or match. Let the charcoal spark until no chemical igniter is left. Blow on the charcoal until it is red hot and place atop the foil covered bowl.

b. Natural charcoals: Natural coals are not as quick to light and therefore require more exposure to heat to get them red hot. Set the charcoal on either a gas or an electric stovetop burner for best results. It will take about 5 to 8 minutes for the charcoal to turn red hot. A blowtorch from a hardware store works well too, but requires constant attention.

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10) When the coal gets a grey coating, place the coal sideways on top of the foil.

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11) The metal-charcoal windscreen can be used as a measure of caution when smoking outdoors to keep wind from blowing hot charcoal or ash. It could also be used indoors to prevent hot charcoal or ash from burning the floor.

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12) The air exchange valve or one-way valve allows the user to clear stale or overly thick smoke from the glass base. This can be done by blowing gently into the hose and pushing the used smoke out through the air exchange valve. The valve is blocked off by a steel ball bearing that prohibits fresh air from entering the hookah while sucking on the hose.

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